K300 mk.3

The K300 is a 2-way stand-mount loudspeaker, designed for the studio but welcome in the home. The K300 breaks new ground in compact loudspeaker performance, delivering a sonic presentation that must be experienced to be believed. 

The 6.5” sliced wood-fibre cone integrates seamlessly with a true ribbon tweeter, for unmatched speed and transparency. Featuring the Kerr Acoustic transmission line, the K300 produces a stunningly accurate and extended frequency response from 33Hz – 45kHz which remains linear and uncoloured at all playback levels. 

Now in its third incarnation, the mk.3 update brings improvement in midrange clarity and stereo imaging. Following extensive crossover re-development in partnership with Holton Audio, we have managed to further refine our circuit topology making the K320’s response more linear and efficient.


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LF Driver        6.5” Wood-fibre cone with extended linear suspension system and patented symmetrical drive motor design

HF Driver       2” True Ribbon tweeter with 0.027g diaphragm mass

Response       33Hz – 45kHz

Sensitivity     89dB (2.83V/1m)

Impedance      6 Ohms (nominal)

Crossover       1.95kHz - 2nd order (12dB/ Octave)

Dimensions     H:420 | W:195 | D:395 mm

Construction  18 / 24mm Baltic Birch plywood transmission-line

Weight           12 kg (per cabinet)

Connections   One pair of 4mm pure copper binding posts