True Ribbon Tweeters

We feel that ribbon tweeters are an area often shrouded by misconception. While the term ‘ribbon’ is used to cover a broad range of tweeter technologies, a ‘True Ribbon’ tweeter is one in which the whole diaphragm itself acts as the conductor. This means there is absolutely zero excess (non-conducting) mass, and that the diaphragm can be immensely thin and light.

The aluminium ribbon diaphragms used in our K300 monitor are just 15 microns thick, and have a total moving mass of 0.027g.

For context, air-motion-transformer tweeters typically have a moving mass of 0.17g, and conventional dome tweeters around 0.5g. From this, you can gather that our ribbons are approximately eighteen times lighter than most domes!

The result? Flawless reproduction of high-frequency content, and unmatched transient response. The speed, extension, and non-fatiguing detail that our tweeters provide is quite remarkable, and make it very hard to switch back to conventional tweeter designs.

We use True Ribbons throughout our range of products, which can be heard this weekend at TheAudioAVShow.