Kerr Acoustic make a splash at The Audio Show 2019, Woodland Grange - Leamington Spa

We had an excellent time at this years Audio Show at Woodland Grange, being featured in four separate rooms and working in collaboration with many of our industry friends and partners.

Firstly, in our own room we partnered with G-Point audio, running a system featuring our brand new K320 mk.2 floor standers, accompanied by a full compliment of Grandinote electronics. The Grandinote units proved to be a superb match with the K320s, producing a colourful and dynamic sound which received high praise and attention from visitors at the show. We were also fortunate enough to be provided with a full set of Luna cables, in addition to interconnects from Albedo Silver.

Right next door to us, our good friends at Longdog Audio were using a pair of K300s in conjunction with an extremely capable system featuring several of Nick Gorham’s components. Longdog Audio are renowned for creating an excellent sound at these shows, and this year was no exception, with the K300s managing to produce a full and rich soundstage with bass extension that belied their compact size.

Next up, another pair of K320s were featured in the Vinyl Frontier demonstration room - a huge conference space, where Jeff Lloyd of Vinyl Frontier gave a series of talks and demonstrations over the course of the weekend. The K320s were partnered with an outstanding chain of components, including the new Audio Technica AT-LP5 turntable, Townshend Audio’s Allegri passive pre-amp, Longdog Audio’s LDA-PH1 phono stage, and the very special One-Zero-Zero Supreme power amplifier from our friends at Holton Audio. This system impressed many throughout the weekend, managing to fill such a large space with aplomb. Enhanced by the inclusion of Townshend Audio’s Seismic Isolation Podiums, which contributed significantly to the overall performance of the system. Cabling was generously supplied by MCRU and Townshend Audio.

Finally, one of our K300s was featured on display with the Townshend Seismic Isolation Pods. A match made in heaven!

We would like to thank all of our industry friends for their support and collaboration at the show, and a special thanks goes out to Justin and the rest of the show organisers and hotel staff, who did a fantastic job of making sure everything went smoothly. Finally, our biggest thanks goes to all who visited and supported the show. We’re looking forward to seeing you all again at the next one!

- Jes Kerr