Where does our music come from, and why does it matter?

Where does our music come from, and why does it matter?

Sources are hotly debated among audiophiles, but it seems that regardless of the format it’s presented on (be it tape, vinyl, CD or hi-resolution file streaming), one thing that can be universally agreed upon is that the quality of the source material itself is of paramount importance. While we may spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on system tweaks (cables, connectors, mains conditioners and so on), as far as the source material is concerned, the age-old rule still stands: “Garbage in, garbage out”.

Ultimate partnering equipment

We're delighted to be demonstrating our speakers at the AudioAVShow with amplification from Holton Audio and digital sources from TotalDAC. 

We will have the Holton Audio Anteos amplifier and the TotalDAC D1 Core pairing with our speakers for playback. Together, these components have a wonderful synergy with our speakers, and we're thrilled to be able to include them in our system. 

Make sure to visit us in room 701! We can't wait to share our sound with you.