Kerr Acoustic was born out of a lifelong passion for music and audio technology. Coming from a strong musical background, founder and designer Jes Kerr began life experiencing the joys of hearing and creating music first hand. With extensive experience as a session musician and music producer, Jes has been performing and collecting music from a remarkably young age, which to this day has helped to inform his critical ear and pursuit of the most accurate reproduction of his ever growing music library. Having collected, restored and modified a vast number of different loudspeaker designs, his expertise in this area is unique, and Kerr Acoustic is the culmination of his lifelong obsession for loudspeaker design and technology. 

We are a family-run business, and our loudspeakers are intricately designed and crafted from the ground up by a dedicated team who care passionately about your listening experience. We build all our cabinets by hand from the highest grade responsibly-sourced Baltic birch plywood. Each cabinet is meticulously hand-finished and inspected before being lacquered by the world's leading experts. We invest heavily into the quality of our materials and components and the quality of our construction and assembly methods. Each and every loudspeaker goes through rigorous quality control before being delivered to the customer. The results are simply breathtaking, and immediately highlight the clear advantages of the technologies we use. Whether your requirements are professional or purely for leisure, the quality and performance of our loudspeakers guarantee them to be an outstanding addition to any space.

Photo Credit: Eula Mickelborg