Five-Zero-Zero-Supreme by Holton Precision Audio

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Five-Zero-Zero-Supreme by Holton Precision Audio


The Holton Five-Zero-Zero Supreme is a true dual-monorail amplifier, capable of effortless driving even the most demanding loudspeakers with total ease.

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Featuring a massive 2 KVA toroidal power transformer and a total of 300,000uF of filter capacitance, the Five-Zero-Zero is designed to accurately reproduce any program material without introducing clipping or distortion.

The Five-Zero-Zero Supreme features an additional MOSFET pre-driver stage, to tightly control the main Dual Die MOSFET output stage - further optimising sonic performance. In addition, high-powered solid state output relays are featured for silent power cycling and lightning-fast loudspeaker protection.

The power output stage remains unconditionally stable, with both channels capable of delivering up to 800 watts per channel continuously into 2 ohm loads.


  • 2 x 300 Watts RMS (continuous) into 8 Ω

  • 2 x 500 Watts RMS (continuous) into 4 Ω

  • 2 x 800 Watts RMS (continuous) into 2 Ω

  • Biased into Class A/B

  • Extra heavy duty two-ounce copper gold plated printed circuit boards

  • Rugged dual die lateral MOSFET output stage

  • Power bandwidth: 3.5Hz to 250kHz -3dB

  • Dampening Factor At 100Hz: 8Ω = 1300

  • RCA Single ended Input impedance 20kΩ

  • Differential Input Impedance = 40kΩ

  • Single Ended Input Gain = 30.6dB

  • Differential Input Gain = 33.8dB

  • Fully Balanced Circuit Topology

  • SNR -110dB

  • THD-N = 0.005% @ 10 watts 8 Ohms